How to reachout all of your customers again on Faceboook messenger

Facebook messenger marketing gives you more probablitity to reachout your customers, comparing to email marketing it’s almost 50% effective than e-mail marketing.

How can you reachout your customers again using ChatMyBot?

If you already have account it’s very simple.

Login to your account and go to campaigns tab and create a campaign. campaigns

Define campaign name. Select story you want to connect this campaign, select campaign criteria, you can choose between “send messages” and “collect leads” – sending messages applies only to facebook messenger. Collect leads applies to both website plugin and messenger. Define campaign targeting criteria – who you want to reach, by i.e. gender, locale, first name, last name, last interaction with your chatbot.

Select your facebook fanpage from which you want to send messages. Setup campaign message you want to send your customers (you can select between different message types, it can contain image, text, buttons or all), and select campaign goal.

Define when you want to start sending messages.

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