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Insanely Boost your facebook and instagram

Automate your customer service on Facebook and Instagram providing the best experience for your customers using our GPT-4 based chatbot. Use the power of AI to generate posts for your Facebook or Instagram including content and images.

Our Chatbot is specifically designed for helping increase your sales and automating your customer service.

No Code Required, Seriously!

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“ChatMyBot has increased my sales by 25%. I get new customers all the time”

Store Owner in Austin, Texas

“ChatMyBot decreased the time we spent on the phone by over 30%! Most of our customers book directly over our Chatbot on facebook!

Owner in Boston, Massachusetts

“ChatMyBot has allowed me to create a relationship with my customers over facebook and grow my clientele! Thank you!”

Manager in Salt Lake City, Utah

Benefits that grow Your Business!

Gain New Customers!

For online store owners ChatMyBot will allow you to track your customer behavior on your website. No more abandoned carts! You can chat him when he e.g. spends too much time on checkout!

Save Time!

Spend your time on something else and let chatbot answer most common questions from your customers!

Our technology is ‘booking system agnostic’ which is the reason we have ready built integrations with your Salon Management System. So you can save time and overhead costs!

Revolutionize your Customers’ Experience!

With our AI based technology, ChatMyBot can have automated conversations with your customers, providing instant support. You can always jump into the conversation yourself!

ChatMyBot is he next evolition in Customer Service
Have your customers buy & book services in your chatbot.
Facebook Messenger and on your website.