How to set up a Campaign in ChatMyBot

Campaigns are an integral part of ChatMyBot and is a feature that can be used to re-engage with previous customers, winning repeat business or to engage those who showed interest but didn’t end up booking an appointment with you.

Building a Campaign is simple and requires only a couple steps to configure:

Under Dashboard and Campaigns press ‘Create Campaign’

Step 1:Create a Campaign Name. 

Make it something that is descriptive so that you can re-use the campaign in the future. Example: Short Hair/Long Hair/Dyed Hair/Straight Hair/Holiday Special etc.

Step 2: Choose A campaign type! 

ChatMyBot has two types of campaigns: Lead Collection; Sending Messages. 

Sending messages is a marketing blast. It can be used to for special offers or as marketing e-mail offering your services, which end up directly in the Facbeook inbox of your lead. Lead Collection is built around

The objective of lead collection is to engage the customer in a conversation and drive them to book an appointment with you. These campaigns are fully pre-defined conversation which can be defined under ‘stories’. Here, the end-customer will get a conversation hook in the webchat which tries to engage the customer and drive them to book and appointment.. Read more about creative conversation hooks here.

Step 3: Choose targeting Criteria for who to target in this campaign.. This is a vital step to prevent you from swamping your leads with information they don’t need and to improve the results of your campaigns. Creating tailored messages based on their needs and wants allows you to create a personal relationship with your leads and entice them to book an appointment with you immediately. Also, nobody wants to get marketing e-mails which aren’t relevant to the, so make sure you don’t spam your leads!

Step 4:
Step 4 varies based on if you want to send a message or if you want to collect leads or send a message blast.

Message Blast: Create a message, make it simple, quick for someone to read (remember, they are likely to read it on their phone) and to the point. You can also create Buttons, Quick Replies to questions, Images and Promo Codes!

Collect Leads: Define the goal of what stage you’d like the end-customer to reach.

Step 5:
Schedule the campaign to start now or in a later date.

Step 6:
Wait for the results! ChatMyBot provides with specific analytics to measure and iterate on your campaigns. Was a campaign successful? Easily iterate on your campaigns and optimize as you go!