How ChatMyBot will increase your bookings!

Since the start of Covid-19 the world has changed. Some countries and states have shut down their Barbershops and Nail Salons while others are allowing them to open up again. For business owners, this has been a nightmare. The back and forth has created a lot of stress for those who had to lay-off employees then rehire them only to face irregular appointment bookings. 

Implementing a strategy to engage with new potential customers and convert them to paying ones  while building a lasting relationship for repeat business can be the difference between making and breaking a Health & Beauty Service Provider. In the 21st Century, before a customer goes to a Health & Beauty Service Provider, they will more likely than not ‘window shop’ online first – looking up the website and social media of a business before deciding on one and booking an appointment. Plugging in ChatMyBot into your facebook fanpage and website  can help you engage with ‘window shoppers’, convert these to paying customers and help build a relationship for repeat business.

Engaging with Online ‘Window Shoppers’:
The internet is filled with ‘hot leads’ for health and beauty service providers and so many businesses are starting to embrace online advertisement as a means to win new bookings. Advertisement is only half of the equation as bringing someone to your FanPage or your HomePage doesn’t mean they will book with you, and they might just ‘bounce’ right off of your page. ChatMyBot, which sits on your HomePage and/or Facebook Page will engage with the customers the moment they hit your page, hook them into an automated conversation, provide automated answers to their questions and offer them your services, significantly increasing the chance of the potential customer booking an appointment straight out of the Chat and directly into your booking system.

Convert ‘Window Shoppers’ to Paying Customers:

When a customer visits your facebook page or website the hook that you use is the difference between the customer engaging with the chat or not. Once they do, there are several ways a conversation can go, all which can be managed by ChatMyBot.(Read more about ChatBot hooks) Once a customer starts engaging with your ChatMyBot, as a business owner, you want the customer to end up booking an appointment with you, but the customer might have several questions before they are ready. Here, ChatMyBot gives you the ability to create various ‘pre-configured’ answers and conversation paths to guide the customer through questions & answers ending up with offering your service and your calendar to  finally booking an appointment. ChatMyBots also provides a suite of analytics which help in determining which conversation pathways work the best, allowing you to continuously optimize these conversation or higher conversion rates. 

Winning repeat business and ‘drop offs, i.e. remarketing’:

ChatMyBot not only instantly engages with potential customers, answering any of their questions and driving towards making  a booking, ChatMyBot also has a full suite of functionality to target and remarket your potential customers. ChatMyBot’s ‘Campaigns’ Feature allows you to create targeting campaigns to those people who have started a conversation with your chatbot. It’s enough for a customer to ‘get started’ with the conversation for you to directly send messages into their facebook account in the future, regardless if the customer ended up booking an appointment at their first interaction or not. This allows you to create custom messages to your leads and customers  -Do they have long or short hair? Do they want coloring? With ChatMyBot you can create filters and send out automated marketing messages directly into the facebook inbox of your customers. 

Covid-19 has changed the world. It’s more important than ever to maximize your lead conversation, automating your customer support and winning repeat business. ChatMyBot helps you do all three things.

If you’d like to learn more about ChatMyBot, Let’s have a chat – Book something in our calendar now and we’d love to show you how ChatMyBot can help you grow your business!


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